From the MCRC…to running my first long run

So I started. I could hardly run 0.1 miles, till my room mate told me not to run as hard as I was trying to. He mad me run a mile non-stop. A big achievement. I was running on some ugly running shoes….I hardly ran two miles, I hurt myself badly. By then I had decided I would bike instead of run.

So for the next one month or so, I would bike along with the runners. I biked some 20 miles on weekend runs, shuttling between runners, giving them water and gatorade. Of course discarded my old running shoes as soon as I got hurt. Boy did that hurt – dont know the technical terms but never will I run with those shoes again.

I went to a running shoe store, where I was told that – running shoes should have space so that your foot can expand in the run. And for my foot pattern, I needed some stablity shoes….whatever that meant. Essentially I have high arches and I needed support for them. So there you $80 for the shoes.

At times I tried to run with these folks on tuesdays and thursdays. These were the strength building runs and the speed runs. Sort of builds up stamina. I was planning to run at least 4miles with one of the folks on the marathon day.

Come september long weekend, I planned to go on a long run with the folks. For heaven’s sake these people ran on the long weekend – talk about committment! And so did I – for a little over 2hrs. Totally tired and totally elated! In hindsight, probably this was the most tiring run!

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