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December 26, 2005


This year has seen India suffer the effects of several natural disasters – the tsunami, torrential rains and cyclones and the Kashmir earthquake. With your kind support, Association for India’s Development ( A.I.D.) has been able to play a useful role in reconstruction efforts. As we enter the Season of Giving, we ask ourselves: What about the millions of needy Indians in places which didn’t suffer from natural disasters?

Neju and Koshy of Vimukti continue to work with the Dalit women in 15 villages of Raichur dist. of Karnataka, building livelihoods through community farming and terracotta jewelry as well as protecting land rights. The Rural Technology Resource Centre started by AID-India in the Orissa-Andhra border area is training villagers in making inter-locking bricks, embroidery and organic farming. A.I.D. is supporting about 100 such projects in various parts of India.

We appeal to you to continue your generous support so that these efforts can continue in 2006, and even multiply. AID’s regular projects need more than $500,000 every year, and these funds come from individual donors like you. Please make a donation – one-time or periodical – through our One For India campaign:

You can also send the One for India E-cards and Tell a Friend feature on the website to urge your friends and family to donate. You can be the drop that creates a ripple and culminates into a wave of courage, commitment and change.

Several key projects have been showcased on the One for India website. Soon, you will also receive our newsletter Dishaa, as well as a special Tsunami Rehabilitation newsletter.

Volunteers of A.I.D. wish you and your family an enjoyable holiday season and a happy and successful new year. Let us share our holiday joy with our partners – the people in villages and city slums in India.

December 19, 2005

Ubuntu and Intelligent Design

Woke up my laptop from hibernation – it had slept for long and decided to try something different. Redhat was boring – 3 CDs to install. Who would take the pains? Saw a copy of Ubuntu 5.10 lying around. So popped it in. It is nice, sleek and has fortune! What else do I want?

So started playing around with various utilities….realized one by one many things are still broken. Fine, that is what is open source. Cant sink my palm with it, cant run wireless …. well the wireless card is one of the oldest… probably can make a lot of money for its vintage value….Got DVDs and CDs to play right. Can mount and unmount USB devices easily. And then it gets tricky – I hate those who make devices which need specific drivers for USB? USB was supposed to get rid of this precise problem.

And while I browse the news section I noticed, the Intelligent Design judgement. Going to be fun watching O’Reilly tonite!

December 9, 2005

Fast for Justice

My friends, Brunda and Somu are organizing a fast for justice. Manjunath – another fellow from, yet another prestigious IM was shot dead. Satyendra Dubey was killed last year, he was another IIT person.

Probably corruption has become a part of our lifestyle and we dont let go of it easily. Guess what most of us forget is, as long as we give, there will be people who will take. Dont give and what will the takers take? And dont take bribes, what will the givers give? At least, step by step, drop by drop – there are more people who are inspired by these folks and stop participating in corruption. For heaven’s sake – Satyendra and Manjunath gave their life for it. We should at least follow their path.

Can you take a pledge, “na lenge, aur na denge”? I will be there tomorrow at the Gandhi Statue, with my friends.

December 6, 2005

Physics is Phun

Ok probably it was not when I was in high school. Nor is it still. It still scares me. But it does challenge the brain.
Enjoy some questions from the UMD Physics department.

Now this is indeed funny.