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December 9, 2005

Fast for Justice

My friends, Brunda and Somu are organizing a fast for justice. Manjunath – another fellow from, yet another prestigious IM was shot dead. Satyendra Dubey was killed last year, he was another IIT person.

Probably corruption has become a part of our lifestyle and we dont let go of it easily. Guess what most of us forget is, as long as we give, there will be people who will take. Dont give and what will the takers take? And dont take bribes, what will the givers give? At least, step by step, drop by drop – there are more people who are inspired by these folks and stop participating in corruption. For heaven’s sake – Satyendra and Manjunath gave their life for it. We should at least follow their path.

Can you take a pledge, “na lenge, aur na denge”? I will be there tomorrow at the Gandhi Statue, with my friends.