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December 19, 2005

Ubuntu and Intelligent Design

Woke up my laptop from hibernation – it had slept for long and decided to try something different. Redhat was boring – 3 CDs to install. Who would take the pains? Saw a copy of Ubuntu 5.10 lying around. So popped it in. It is nice, sleek and has fortune! What else do I want?

So started playing around with various utilities….realized one by one many things are still broken. Fine, that is what is open source. Cant sink my palm with it, cant run wireless …. well the wireless card is one of the oldest… probably can make a lot of money for its vintage value….Got DVDs and CDs to play right. Can mount and unmount USB devices easily. And then it gets tricky – I hate those who make devices which need specific drivers for USB? USB was supposed to get rid of this precise problem.

And while I browse the news section I noticed, the Intelligent Design judgement. Going to be fun watching O’Reilly tonite!