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January 8, 2006

Missing women of India

500,000 infant females die every year in India. Read this article on BBC. A random guess: every year has a little over half a million minutes. That is every minute there is one girl child in India who is being killed for various reasons. It doesnt happen in my family, I guess is no more the excuse.

Take a look at the figures: CensusIndia
Before we blame the rural masses about this one …. take a closer look at the Census India pages – “It may be seen that the child sex ratio in the rural areas at the 1991 Census was 948 and at the 2001 Census it stands at 934. On the other hand child sex ratio in the urban areas was 935 in the 1991 census and this has come down to only 903 at the 2001 Census, thereby exhibiting a sharp decline of thirty-two points in a decade. In other words the decline in child sex ratio in the urban areas of the country is more than two times than the decline seen in the rural areas.” And oh yeah, do compare this map – literacy map of India