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January 22, 2006


Search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

So, whiling away sometime I am trying to have some fun with these search engines. Seeing how their english is compared to mine and etc etc. MSN is the funniest! I am browsing from a sun workstation, and using firefox – suddenly I notice MSN has a link DESKTOP on the search bar itself. Google doesnt have one nor does yahoo. So I thought I will search using the desktop link…..Sure they think everyone in the world uses MS only. Click that link and you will be taken to “Download MSN Free” for windows only!

We know microsoft – they love to love themselves. I didnt want to stay back either. Another funny thing about the MSN search. It has two buttons – one local (Beta) and another Near Me! I dont know what is the difference. Moreover why is one in Beta and another not?

I heard Virtual Earth is good. It truly believes the world is flat! Or probably all these coders read Thomas Friedman!! Oh come on MS – do better!