I am telling you…

I am telling you …. this is the conspiracy of Pakistan cricket board!
The first two test match pitches were rigged to get no result. And the third one a grass top to kill Indians!
That way Pakistan will win the match and hence the series.

Any bets?

On another note….everyone is calling to remove Ganguly that he is not performing. Then why not ask Tendulkar to be dropped too?

Sania Mirza got the Padma Shri. The confusing part is – what are these awards….are they for individual achievements or wearing the Indian cap?! I also dont understand how a nationality became important in the tennis opens? Except for Davis cup or Olympics most of the tennis tournaments dont have anything to do with the country from which the player is!

In the same light, BCCI doesnt also have the sole right (or does it…was their any change recently??) to use Indian colors on cricketers. It shouldnt have. Such a crappy organization, no good for either cricket nor for India cant have this. But this in itself can be a LOOOOT longer post.

Returning to the tennis kid from my hometown, I dont know her talents, never seen her play….but hate the number of unforced errors she makes! All said, I totally support this kid. Well if nothing she carries the aspirations of 450 million women folk of India. And some men like me.

The most outrageous comparison I ever hear is comparing her to Tendulkar – both by media and hence hated by a lot of others. How can you compare her to Tendulkar? He is so talented, she has done nothing nor is she talented.
Now that is being unfair to her. Tendulkar inspired a bunch of people to try out the bat and ball….well he at least got lazy bums like me to follow cricket. All said and done, cricket is still badly riddled with more politics and talent rather than hardwork or even fitness! So much for him. Not a consistent batsman in the team, except for Dravid in the past 3 years. This is the result?

On the opposite note – Sania Mirza, probably inspired by Tendulkar, takes on a different sport and tries to excel – what is wrong? She needs to be encouraged. Hey at least she consistently reached second round in all grand slams last year! I wish she be Number 1 someday. Even if she isnt, I hope she continues where she is for a couple of years. She will go a long way in raising not just the aspirations of women in India but also boost their confidence and we can expect more sportswomen. Till then, let us cheer the odd Sania out of the billion we are!

And mind you, dont even call cricket a religion in India? Who celebrates when the Indian eves do better than their male counterparts in cricket? Only them and their families probably. So much for cricket as a religion. Call Tendulkar a religion….no problemo!

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