1. Save chat!
2. Chat from the browser:)
And this is so cool. God knows what they are using underneath – it doesnt sound like the Java IM yahoo had once upon a time or still has (that made my computer scream – why are you doing this to me?!). Who uses yahoo anymore? And this feature seems cool… the record!

Of course there are many other things about gmail I love…. I would like to have one more feature. Different signatures for different from addresses. I am not sure why people havent thought about it….but I would prefer to have a different signature for different email addresses I use. And hence not sit and edit my signature after it is already added!

Read more on the google blog.

One Comment to “GMail ROCKS!”

  1. As far as I know gmail uses AJAX to do its magic.

    Individual signatures have been around for a while now. I have been using it with ‘mutt’ for years with an added twist, using a script to generate a different signature for each outgoing mail depending on various rules.

    Also there is an extension for thunderbird called ‘signature switch’ which allows you to do it. OSX Mail has options to use multiple selectable signatures.

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