Powerless in USA!

Well….if the power goes out in India, you are guaranteed it wont return for a few hours.
In the US, there is no guarantee. It might come back the next second or might not come back for a few days (yeah seen those bad days too, and no, I dont live in the Hamptons). The fun is when you use electric stoves! Nothing to eat, no gas station can fill up an empty tank without power, you cant walk 10 miles and even if you do, you may find the place closed – what do you eat?

Seriously – so much of life in this country depends on electricity. I should learn to stock up some junk food for such unreliable outages.

Anyway, so yesterday the power went off. Was poking fun at an ad, which had this person throwing a power switch on and off and not knowing what was switching on or off. Similar thing happened – in about 15 minutes, the power came and went for 20 times. This was after a powercut of 3 hrs.

So what do you do when the power goes off? No tv, no computer, no internet, no email. Luckily my cell phone was working and had some charge. So I figured out how to dial my parents with just one addressbook entry. Yeah, no brainer – but yesterday was the time I could find to do that! Seriously send in suggestions on what to do, when you dont have electricity!

3 Comments to “Powerless in USA!”

  1. Buy a gas stove. Make pakodas and chai. Invite a few friends and cack.

  2. Imagine that you are camping in your house.

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