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April 6, 2006

Always thought about it…

But could never articulate it like Dilip in Rediff .

Well – that is the sad part of our life, as long as it doesnt affect us “directly” we wont act. I was thinking of a piece like Dilip’s before Narmada, for the Bhopal march.

What is more shocking and I am coming to terms with is the media in India. I have stayed four years away from India and surely my thoughts and ideas about how the country is are surely a bit romanticized! I knew a sort of responsbile media. Today all I see is tabloids, which my firefox adblock nicely blocks off. But the articles make me ashamed.

Rediff mentions a letter of support by Frank Pallone and others for Bhopal to the Judge in NY. They fail to mention that Frank Pallone also wrote a letter, alongwith 20 other congressmen to our own Prime Minister urging him to provide clean drinking water to the Bhopal survivors.

Some small actions you can take:
a. If an engineer or scientist – review the documents and see for yourself what a mockery the so called engineers of the Narmada dam are making of your education:
You can send a fax to the PMO
Support the Bhopalis quest for clean, drinking water:

Mr. Prime Minister, I dont think you are respectable or honorable. You are answerable, you are answerable to me and rest of the citizens of India. What shady deals did you cut with Dow CEO at the two breakfasts you had with him till now? WHAT WAS YOUR CUT?