Narmada, Bhopal, etc etc

First and foremost thanks to the Be the Change team for the wonderful banners for Bhopal and Narmada. The source code is available here. Be the Change team will appreciate lot more of these from you folks!

A lot has been going on – be it Narmada or Bhopal or Coke or Reservations. Polarizing it may seem, digging in for information can change perceptions at times. But who has the time to dig? Life has become so fast that people categorize you as either you are with the tide or you are against it. People with the tide always see everyone moving with the tide, some might be just washed away with the tide – but still are with the tide is the arguement.

But what is the cost of a human life? Who can determine if my life is “expendable”? Is it fine in the name of national security or patriotism?

I have no problem with foriegn companies coming to India. We live in a globalized world. Heck otherwise I wouldnt be sitting in the US and typing this out. But I will respect companies which respect people and doesnt cause any harm. I want tightening of laws and tougher implementation of the laws. Nothing like this.

Respect companies which respect people. And if nothing else, the least we can do is listen to voices which are being drowned or washed away in this “development” tide. lists some hotspots. If coke is doing what all it claims to be doing in rain water harvesting or whatever then why are locals in the areas where there are coke plants complaining? Cant a take moment of my life and listen to them? We cant drown more voices……we need to stop and listen to them and make any corrections. And if you are too small for making a difference – two things
a. quit drinking coke
b. If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

There are many things you can do. The least you can do is spread the word!

3 Comments to “Narmada, Bhopal, etc etc”

  1. I do not understand this constant bickering about Coke. I am not defending them since I do not wish to, nor do I know the exact details of the case.

    However, I do not understand why you should protest against coke and not against lala jhatpat rai biscuit company in varanasi and 100,000 other such companies which are not even harvesting water to the extent that coke is (and I can vouch for that since I have seen it happen personally).

    Gandhiji’s supporters should stop wearing Khadi by your logic.

  2. Lala Rajpat Rai Biscuit company doesnt sell me Coke. Coke does, Coke sells me Dasani (essentially tap water) as better than tap water.

    Nobody denies nor no one is saying that there are no protests against LRR Biscuit Company. But LRRBC at least can easily be convinced or put in order by such people’s movements and they are done. That will be a huge list to maintain all such successful campaigns. LRRBC unfortunately doesnt have the corporate muscle of a Coke Inc or a Pepsi Inc or a Dow Inc. And such corporates demand wider campaigns – and these multinationals also have multinational problems – Coke be it in India or Colombia, Dow be it in India or Vietnam or US itself.

  3. I agree with the sentiment that talk is going to achieve nothing. It’s also obvious that getting in the street and shouting has not worked either. Dow is not going to on its own live up to their responsibilities, nor will the media take any more interest in the story unless we can get some momentum going.
    We need to get some more lawyers, new lawyers, try and get a case going in both indian and american courts to go after both american and indian officials. Then maybe we’ll get somewhere.

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