I will run again, I will Run For India!


अयं निज: परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम्

उदारमनसानां तु वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्

English Translation of the Sanskrit quote:

This is mine or (somebody) else’s (is the way) narrow minded people count. But for broad minded people, (whole) earth is (like their) family.

I am not a runner, nor did I ever dream that I will run a marathon – not even in my wildest dreams. But, things change – no, I am not a runner yet! Last year, Oct 8th an earthquake stuck Kashmir. It is a hot topic – not the earthquake but Kashmir. Everyone talked but not many worked on it nor did they contribute to it. So I decided to walk the talk, no actually run – I ran a marathon to raise awareness about the plight of people in Kashmir and that contributions are sorely required. I raised some funds and I know they were put to good use. http://sahyadri.aidindia.org/content/category/24/124/144/

That was last year. With the newfound confidence that I can run a marathon, I thought I should do it again this year. Not so easy. I ran 18 miles day before yesterday, and I am still sore. And the reasoning is the same….I am not a big fan of running then WHY? Why on earth go through this torture?

Well the answer is always simple. I love to volunteer my time with AID. That is no secret. I think, we are making a positive difference. And I see one particular program as making a lot of change. No – I don’t run that program neither do I control that program. That – is the first thing you learn, that you need to unlearn a LOT. An idea that you could be wrong!

So what is the program I am talking about? I am talking about the AID Jeevansaathi program. 6 AID volunteers in the US, quit their jobs and careers and headed back to India to do full time social work at different points of time in the last few years. In the truest spirit of the quote above, these young friends have been working tirelessly with the people who need to be developed the most in India! You can read all about them here: http://saathi.aidindia.org/new/

We, in AID give them a small honorarium so that they can concentrate on the change they are bringing about on the ground! This is the smallest thing we could do. And here I give you a chance to participate in the biggest change for India! Donate to our jeevansaathi fund and enable our friends to bring about the change! Change for the better, change that is visible.

Donate securely and generously and show your encouragement for my effort! Either of our efforts go a long way in ensuring our vision of a developed India: thanks to the Jeevansaathis! And I will run, for India!

Donate Securely – Click Here

After you donate, send this mail or this link to your friends and family!


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