Long time…

Yeah, I finished my marathon. Running is fun. Running a marathon – lot of fun, except you dont want to do it;-)

Long time, since I blogged. Guess bored with this new tool. Trying to figure out how so to manage so many communication channels – emails/phones/blogs/scraps. Letters anyone?

Long time I got a cold too. Now that explains why I am sitting before a comp and putting stuff on my blog for a change.

New things in life, an Onkyo 6.1 home theater system – all setup, needs a good DVD to test. TV is pathetic transmission to split into 6.1 channels.

Lastly, long time I have been to India.  I need a life!

One Comment to “Long time…”

  1. Hi,

    same here. am rotting in dubai since the last 2 yrs. havent been to india. before that i had gone in 2000 so have a lot to catch up

    was just checking if rajasekhaR.COM was taken or not. take care and ope you go to india soon

    nice article about vasudhaiva kutumbikam


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