Should I or shouldnt I?

Should I run the marathon again or not?

Can I run? Well, that is a different question. I can start practicing and I will know pretty soon if I can run or not.

But should I run? I have told all people I can about AID.  Or maybe I should really specific things and look for raising funds….maybe.

3 Comments to “Should I or shouldnt I?”

  1. What about raising funds? If that is the end goal, you can probably think of alternatives to the marathon.

    We were talking about you the other day at Arora’s place. Of course you can run.. that is not the confusion is it?

  2. I think you should..I mean you torture yourself and plus raise money for AID..what more can we ask? btw how many miles is it?

  3. Forget marathon. Write something new in this blog 😉

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