I have seen a lot of websites and got bugged to create my own. Everyone talks about what he/she (for political correctness sake) is doing and where that person was born and brought up, etc etc. I don’t see much point doing that.

Nevertheless, I am a little lazy to build a decent site. And well it is all technology, I don’t understand. It is beyond me – absolutely.

Hence my random thoughts, as I get them go on this site.

3 Responses to “What(ev)er”

  1. Hi, Rajasekhar Jammalamadaka. Being an Indian U should be vey pro active & ready to make challenges. I have been looking for constructing a good website of mine, Which willbe useful for all ranges of fields, & all personalities of thinking, but couldn’t get a domain name for the same…

    I thought checking the ones who have my name as website, & how interesting they are. but I am totally disappointed by seeing Ur Website, with my name(ofcourse being our name).

    Please please Please make Urself a bit of interest on Ur name & Ur domain name & lmake it interesting & attractive to people.. its just a suggestion ..

    Raja Sekhar G


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