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November 4, 2005

The training program and the MCRC

My friends started the marathon training in May sometime. Every tuesday, thursday and saturday. So the funda was – you run the long runs on saturday and you should be running what you ran on tuesday + what you ran on thursday.
Tuesday and Thursday were special workout sessions – hill training, speed training, etc – all designed to build up stamina for longer runs. Since I was never a big fan of running, I never joined them.

In July end, there is a race called the ‘Railey’s rumble’ organized by Mont. County Running Club (MCRC). It is a half-marathon. I volunteered to drive my friends there and cheered them all the way from the start to the end. I had positioned myself at 4 mile marker which also doubled itself as a 9 mile marker. It was fun! I was amazed to see so many runners – running for fun, literally. And they were all running 13.1miles!

The following week, I went again as one of our partners had requested help for water support. I didnt mind, so I went. But what impressed me was the committment these folks had to come every saturday morning and run for so many miles! Effectively the weekend is gone – since they are running for the first time, and anything longer than 10 miles …. you get tired, that is the first time you are doing such a mileage. No doubt the committment of these runners inspired me to run….

November 1, 2005

And so I ran…

The 30th Marine Corp Marathon on Oct 30th 2005!
Yup, I ran 26.2 miles. So when I ran the 14.1miles, the last two miles I had walked – because I was left wondering why was I running?

Probably that was the mental block….but this time it was not the case. The cause was good enough for me to run the whole length. In the next few days, I will detail as much as I can …. about the whole marathon – the training, the friends I made and finally the run.

I didnt do extraordinarily well – I did 6hrs 8min and 59sec for 26.2 miles. That was a lot of running in the sun!

But of course there are some otherwise illegal but legal for the marathon which are fun to note!
1. Running on the wrong side of the road
2. Disregard the signals, including the stop signs!!!
3. Run on an interstate

What more? Marines handing out water, powerade and food while you are on the run!
Marathon trainnig is fun. Probably marathons are all fun. But surely the Marine Corp Marathon is different and more fun. Where do you have a para-jump of marines before the start or choppers overhead and well yeah – not the news choppers flying over in a marathon?

October 17, 2005

Running – the talk and the walk

I started running as support to runners. Ended up dreaming about running a half-marathon and well it didnt materialize. I was late for the registrations!!!

And now, saturday last I managed to run 14.1 miles. Back in the role as support staff and being able to run 14.1 miles is an awesome feeling. Why would I run?
Simply because the five runners listed below are running to raise funds for AID is good enough to run? Well, yes it is. Afterall, running 26.2 miles is no joke. And just because it gives them a chance to raise money, they run – is a big motivation for me to support them while they run.

Please follow the links to their profiles and donate:
Brunda Kattekola
Gayatri Cuddalorepatta
Jayanarayanan Sitaraman
Prabhu Raman
Sandeep Gupta

Do donate to them and help them help India!

October 10, 2005

Want some sunlight!

For the good part of four days, we have seen is only rain or clouds. No sunshine. Next few days also it appears we have rains.
Please give me a break!

October 7, 2005

In the DC area on Oct 8th?

Just come down and see Shyama – the mystical Indian woman – Bharatnatyam dance ballet by film actress Shobana and troupe!

Click here for details!

October 5, 2005

Blogging – what is it?

Well many news organizations are running behind these “bloggers” as independant sources. Since I always viewed news as opinions – that is fine. Sure all I write is my opinion. But some people do analysis also and I am not being fair to them.

My friend, Pushkar, has started an interesting study – about blogs on science.
Please read it at
or fill the survey here.

Would be interesting to see the results of this one.

September 3, 2005


Just ran about 9.5 miles….in about 2 hrs.
All I need is some food and sleep.

Food anywhere?

August 18, 2005

Absent minded fool – the Junglee Bunder!

Happy birthday JB! You forgot your own birthday. Yeah, today is Aug 18th and some years back you were born.

So I had a question, do monkeys also count years like humans or they have something called ‘monkey years’:)

Also congrats to my wonderful sister on getting engaged!

August 10, 2005

My foot!

Yeah exactly….my left foot!
It says it wants to hurt. Of course it is punishing me for wearing some ugly shoes and running 4 miles. Got to take care of it!

August 9, 2005

Longing to post, but nothing to write!

Well nothing new with this one:)

Many a times you want to be alone, when you are in a huge group!
And many a times, you realize you cant be alone….you want to hang out with friends. Seriously nobody hangs out at 6am!

But when you have a bunch of friends training for marathons, they do start running that early. So I utilized my bike…..biking with them for 15 miles. No kidding they ran 16 miles and plan to run another 17 or so this weekend! Of course they are training to run 26.2 miles. I am having fun…..nice trails, just bike around.

In life, priorities have been set. They have been long set….only some action is catching up:) More action is needed! Sultry weather doesnt help much, I guess.
Phone calls have gone down….back to a healthy life. My brain doesnt seem to b frying that much these days:) Can be awake and not check email for a long time too – thanks to the bike! Wow, even I cant believe it:)!!!