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August 1, 2005

Bought a bike!

No no no, I am not trying to be Lance Armstrong. That guy is nuts, 7 time Tour de France champ, phew! he should be bored of France:)

Well I did buy a bike to ride around, to do some trails – yeah it is not a stat bike. Oh man o man, long time I rode one! Well my friend KP is a big biking enthusiast. He has been doing biking trails from WABA.
So why not? Bike around!

So my car got two feet of protusion at its back to lug the bike around. 21 gear bike, a 3 mile ride yesterday was fun. Why do you need 21 gears? Surely not for small trails…..but probably for longer ones.

So 50 miles on Sep 4th – is that the target? What the heck, let us do it!

July 10, 2005


General heading to cover a lot of topics!

Spent a good one hour on phone with Ralli! Man it was awesome talking to you as ever – a decade of knowing you!

Now this is the place I come from – Hyderabad. Didnt know one of the most lucrative jobs is BEGGING!! Hyderabad Beggars make Rs. 15 crore pa!

Congrats Pushkar and Sangi – Engagement Pictures

July 6, 2005

Long weekend fun

Made it to Grayson Highlands State Park, VA. Reaching there was a journey unbeatable. Thanks to MapQuest and its shortest distance or fastest calculations – we went on mud roads – trust me some of those roads were worst than Indian roads. It is a surprise they exist and mapquest actually picked them up! Mapquest results were 369 Miles, 6.5 hrs. Yahoo maps had given 374 miles, 8 hrs. Google refused to map it to the place!

Reached there on saturday early morning. Saturday was four short hikes totaling about 7 or 8 miles. Night was fun at the camp site. Ran into trouble with others also as this was a “family” campsite. As has become the norm, bathed in a waterfall. Aha refreshing!

Sunday was a rainy day, hence a rainy hike. We reached Mt. Rogers – the highest point in Virginia and were searching around for the peak. The hike was 4.5 miles and we had done it in under two hours. A good climb of more than 1500 feet – and everyone of us made it up there. An elderly gentleman pointed out that the marker we were looking for saying Mt. Rogers was at the same place where we spent 10 mins looking for it, just below our feet!

Totally soaked for the good part of the hike – we didnt feel tired. Monday was travel back to the city. A good 8 hr drive and a hearty heavy lunch. Driving via Virginia Tech, a beautiful place in the middle of the mountains – was peaceful.

All along, I had left my cell phone home. For two and half days, no cell phone, no email – just couldnt have asked for more!

Height of Mt. Rogers: 5729 Feet.
If headed there – it is a moderate hike, can be done in 5 hrs easily.
You are warned of extreme weather changes on the mountain, when you enter the trail. Had experienced that – within minutes/in fact seconds we had a lot of fog and rain. We could hear each other talk but visibility had come down drastically to less than 10 feet. Do be prepared! As for me, I did the trek in a t-shirt and shorts. The rain was not too cold!

June 28, 2005

Come long weekend…

And yet another long drive to Mt. Rogers VA. Will be parking in Grayson State Park, VA and hiking around.

Continuing the weekend forest life which has been affected by committments to community service, ended up under a small, cold waterfall last sunday. Nothing more enjoyable than that!

As an aside to JB: How I dont see you in the jungle?
I have met some small snakes, some deers but not you. Do you live in the jungle?

June 21, 2005


Research is the best place to be: you work your buns off, and if it works you’re a hero; if it doesn’t, well — nobody else has done it yet either,
so you’re still a valiant nerd.

Thanks fortune! Funny and insightful always!

May 30, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle!

Summer has started – officially, in the US. Ended up going on two day hikes.
One in Catoctin National Forests, MD and another in Shenandoah National Park, VA.
Bought an annual pass for all the national forests. So plans to continue and hike as many trails as possible.

Catoctin is an interesting place. The ground was damp (of course it had rained while hiking too), but there is not much undergrowth. The trees dont allow the sunlight to reach the ground. So it is different from Shenandoah.

Shenandoah could be a big pain. Most of the hikes, you go down to the waterfalls or something and hike up back. My initial energy is for some action and downhill the action is just flow with where your body is taking you. And once that energy dies out, it is a tough task to get up! Though the one I did yesterday was not one of the toughest, picture this – the parking lot for Old Rag Mtn (3200 ft) is at 3600ft.

India’s population is amazing. For a second I could have taken some pictures and convinced a lot of people that I have been to Mahableshwar where we were lucky to have some pictures of some foreign tourists! I was also part of the so many Indians in the forests yesterday in Shenandoah. It was just amazing and amusing! Nevertheless – summer has just begun. Weekends means workouts in the outdoors!

May 8, 2005

Money talks,

mine always says goodbye:(

April 25, 2005

Forgot something today?

Guess today is marriage anniversary of Raj and Unni. Dont remember how many years they have been married and frankly none of them matters. In any case, happy anniversary both of you!

April 13, 2005


Hiesenberg may have been here.

April 9, 2005

All the best!

Ladies: Do something the gents couldnt two years back:)
Win the world cup!

ICC Women’s World Cup – Final India Vs Australia 10th April 2005