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July 13, 2004

Bunch of movies….

Rainman, Frequency, dont care to remember names either. Nothing that stood out. Was moved particularly by Bhopal Express in the last few days.

Boring last weekend in terms of movie releases. No good ones. No more enthu to pay $10 and watch The Terminal. Probably on video/DVD sometime later.

But was interesting to hear a conversation at a Blockbuster store – how brick and mortar store like his cant compete with the likes of Netflix.

For me, movie watching being impulsive, I think I will go to Blockbuster to rent a video…unless of course, video on demand comes into picture.

July 9, 2004

Spiderman 2

Not even worth a mention. Bakwaas love story.

June 28, 2004

Farenheit 9/11

What a movie?
Claps at the end.
As expected from Moore, a fine collection of “his” facts. Good to rememeber that he would have put in facts which he wanted to show. Nevertheless something most of us missed till came about!

A must watch. I doubt if I want to go over see it again – it is sad too.

June 1, 2004


Manirathnam movie – good storyline – whatever; you have to live with Ajay Devgan as a college student:) This sync-sound or whatever it is called …. dont know if the cinema I went to has a painful system or just we dont know how to use it well yet…
Songs are Rehman ….. feed on them you will enjoy them. Good movie, wont mind watching it again. AB surely did a good job!

May 22, 2004

Shrek 2

Oh you just got to watch this!
Good fun, the donkey …. hmmm…Eddie Murphy is there!
And to the jazz add the cat – Puss – Antonio Banderas – a copy of the mask of zorro. Man the cat is cute in places!
Best …. “oh that is not mine”

May 3, 2004

Main hoo na

Sunil Shetty is a terrorist, and Shahrukh Khan is a soldier. Initially at the start of the movie there is a fierce battle between them and finally Shahrukh Khan manages to catch him, and puts him in jail.

Now Shahrukh Khan deserves a promotion to General, but as there are some seniors who are Jealous of his success, point out that he has not completed the necessary education. So the officials grant him a leave to go back to the college.

Shahrukh Khan joins this college, but as he is the older than all the guys out there, there is a lot of teasing and he is not accepted in any group.

But slowly, he starts mixing with the group, and if there is any problem his “Main Hoo Na” attitude, always comforts everyone and soon everyone starts liking him. He helps Zayed Khan get Amirta Rao, and also has a love story going on with the teacher Sushmita Sen. He is also invited to stay at Zayed Khan’s house. And Zayed Khan’s mom treats him as her own son. Even Sushmita Sen falls in love with Shahrukh khan but seeing that all he does is timepass, to make him study she tells him that they both can carry on if he passes the exam.

The final exams are going on when suddenly Sunil Shetty manages to run from the jail, and the only person who can catch him Shahrukh Khan is called back. He gives his last paper and goes off for the fight.

There is big fight, and at the end there is a big Bomb explosion, where we feel that Shahrukh khan also died.

As the news reaches the city, everyone is crying, and the scene is going on in Zayed Khan’s house where all the star-cast is crying badly, where they are saying that he even cleared the exam with flying colors.

When suddenly there is a sound from the back “Kyun Roo Rahe ho…Main Hoo Naa”. Every one thurns and there Shahrukh Khan is standing in General’s dress.

Big music,
A small flashback showing Shahrukh Khan running away from the bomb that killed Sunil Shetty.
And everyone runs to meet him.

And then someone claims that this will be Sharukh’s biggest hit.

so no need to waste ur precious time and money for this crap… MAIN HOON NAAA!!!

April 27, 2004

Neenu unnanu!

Dont be scared with the number of ‘n’s in the title. Nagarjuna starrer, one of the most horrible movies in recent times I sat thru. Seriously, I have no clue what I was doing …. I watched in theater …. paid some good $ to watch some stupid silly movie. If – I were to go by the title – translated into hindi – Main hoo na, I wouldnt watch that movie this weekend. SRK – knows nothing about acting …. assuming it will be as painful as the gult one!

All the best to all others who decide otherwise!

March 6, 2004


Yes Sholay!
Long time! Basanthi, tumhara naam kya hai?
Great movie. Was supposed to be a mega hit. Cant sit thru halfway in most of the movies of that era. This was different. Sat thru the whole of it, knowing all the dialogues and still enjoying it!Bahut na insaafi hai re!

February 22, 2004


Have you seen this one? An old one. Boy but so relevant about software, software people and software companies! Three guys working on the Y2K and how their life sucks until they hatch a plan to get back at their boss.

The scene I love the most is the printer. Watch the movie, you will understand exactly which printer scene you will love the most. Trust me, many of us in this x-chomp world will love to do that to our printers!

And for all those LOTR fans, an ode from a sysad!
Nine megs for the secretaries fair,
Seven megs for the hackers scarce,
Five megs for the grads in smoky lairs,
Three megs for system source;

One disk to rule them all,
One disk to bind them,
One disk to hold the files
And in the darkness grind ’em.


February 20, 2004

The Lion Kind – revisited!

An old one, yeah but the special edition DVD came out just a few days back. Unlike some people with big funds to buy big stuff (read aka F-18) without the necessary parking permits, I would start a small fund to buy this one.
And yes I do have a lot of space at my apartment for the DVD. Those who intend to gift me please go

About the movie, I guess I dont need to say anything at all. It is probably the best movie ever made. Well the best shot, I guess is the look on the young ‘Simba’ when it is first shown over the cliff. Wonderful songs, great music! Probably because it was one of the first movies of its kind, that it has struck as one of the greatest movies I love! Surely love it more than Toy Story or the sequels of it. Always great fun and treat to watch it!