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August 31, 2004


First look: The new iMac G5!

Just a flat panel computer – no tower, no cube, nothing more!!!
specs here

Anyone willing to gift me …. write to me at ipodster at gmail dot com!

Please, please …. my bday is also coming !

August 19, 2004


Well I guess that is how google is going to be talked about in the next few days.
Right now sitting at a pretty $100 per share! Bets taken – which way will it go?

On a day, in a week, in a month when all the techs were whacked, the share price of this stock which was launched today shoots up by about $15. I guess many people are going to burn their hands at a later stage and blame the wall street for not warning them! Seriously how high will it go? Or does the brand value reflect more on the silly small investors mind than the economics or whatever? Think Enron, think google! Never trust wall street:) They are out there to earn a living with your MONEY!

August 18, 2004


Help me please!
I want to make this a three column blog. I hate two columns:)
Reminds me of journal papers etc…..ironically they also call blogs web-journals. I have seen a couple of links….if someone has handled it earlier…..why take the pain:)

August 9, 2004


Yeah, probably!
Hey I am writing what is happening with my life….agreed not everything that I can share with a few of you:) There is still a lot of personal catching up.
Isnt that crazy? There is no one other than my friends who read my blogs….and still I am scared of opening my life in the public!

Why am I scared, when there are lots of things….I am willing to share in person? Or even on a phone call or even on email! Thanx to google and gmail, even my email is not private anymore?!

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July 28, 2004

Whazzup with I?

Seriously – what is all this ‘I’ about?
iPod, iRiver, iRock, …. ?

Why ‘I’?
Why not – say ‘D’? What crime did ‘D’ do that instead of ‘D’ companies started running behind ‘I’?

Think about it, dPod, dRiver, dRock….!

July 20, 2004

Resistance is futile…

you will be assimilated!

Yeah by the marketing guys!
Many of my friends are engineers. Many of them electrical or computer engineers. But the marketing guys make the life miserable for these people too. Which electronics to buy? Damn….stuff I design, I cant understand! If it is tough for electrical engineers and computer engineers to buy ….. god damn it, how will a common man decide what to buy?

Today I am lucky. I am at the right age …. and in the right industry (well I have still stuck to this EE thingi!) and can understand some basics. I can make a wise decision.

But what about tomorrow? With so much talk about everything moving into biology… will I make a decision? Every decision, as these marketing guys would say ….. will either take my life or save my life! I dont want marketing guys to sell me ‘life saving’ or ‘life taking’ stuff! Am I being somebody when I am saying this? I guess YES, just a common man:)

June 29, 2004

So the Bose is home!

Well – frankly I wouldnt have bought a BOSE. But on a student budget, man this is a big thing. The engineers at Bose are good – smart. They dont let you disconnect the subwoofer to check if their speakers are really as good as they claim. My system is powered thru the subwoofer, no way can I switch it off.

So the system plays amazing sound. But I still have my doubts – do these small speakers deliver that good a music or it is just the subwoofer (which one has to agree is bulky to say the least), creating all the subtlities so well that you dont mind the stuff out of the original speakers?
You never know!

But who cares – let me enjoy some good music.

May 26, 2004


So our dear Cisco Systems comes up with an ad campaign – self-defending networks from Cisco!

I thought wow! Must be a smart design. After all this company was the darling of all techs throught out last decade.

A week back, news started appearing – “Code stolen from Cisco”. 800MB of code related to its products was stolen: talk about self-defending networks.

February 19, 2004

Sony rocks!

Now dont crib that I love sony a lot! No other crazy person on earth would own a sony vaio laptop, a clie PDA, a sony music system and is right now ogling an AIBO!
Come on, that is human behavior, it pure just rocks!