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June 6, 2007

Should I or shouldnt I?

Should I run the marathon again or not?

Can I run? Well, that is a different question. I can start practicing and I will know pretty soon if I can run or not.

But should I run? I have told all people I can about AID.  Or maybe I should really specific things and look for raising funds….maybe.

October 2, 2006

I will run again, I will Run For India!


अयं निज: परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम्

उदारमनसानां तु वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्

English Translation of the Sanskrit quote:

This is mine or (somebody) else’s (is the way) narrow minded people count. But for broad minded people, (whole) earth is (like their) family.

I am not a runner, nor did I ever dream that I will run a marathon – not even in my wildest dreams. But, things change – no, I am not a runner yet! Last year, Oct 8th an earthquake stuck Kashmir. It is a hot topic – not the earthquake but Kashmir. Everyone talked but not many worked on it nor did they contribute to it. So I decided to walk the talk, no actually run – I ran a marathon to raise awareness about the plight of people in Kashmir and that contributions are sorely required. I raised some funds and I know they were put to good use.

That was last year. With the newfound confidence that I can run a marathon, I thought I should do it again this year. Not so easy. I ran 18 miles day before yesterday, and I am still sore. And the reasoning is the same….I am not a big fan of running then WHY? Why on earth go through this torture?

Well the answer is always simple. I love to volunteer my time with AID. That is no secret. I think, we are making a positive difference. And I see one particular program as making a lot of change. No – I don’t run that program neither do I control that program. That – is the first thing you learn, that you need to unlearn a LOT. An idea that you could be wrong!

So what is the program I am talking about? I am talking about the AID Jeevansaathi program. 6 AID volunteers in the US, quit their jobs and careers and headed back to India to do full time social work at different points of time in the last few years. In the truest spirit of the quote above, these young friends have been working tirelessly with the people who need to be developed the most in India! You can read all about them here:

We, in AID give them a small honorarium so that they can concentrate on the change they are bringing about on the ground! This is the smallest thing we could do. And here I give you a chance to participate in the biggest change for India! Donate to our jeevansaathi fund and enable our friends to bring about the change! Change for the better, change that is visible.

Donate securely and generously and show your encouragement for my effort! Either of our efforts go a long way in ensuring our vision of a developed India: thanks to the Jeevansaathis! And I will run, for India!

Donate Securely – Click Here

After you donate, send this mail or this link to your friends and family!

April 7, 2005

A new chapter

Not so silently, a new chapter was written in Kashmir. The bus rolled, the people moved across the LoC. Hats off to the people on the first bus; I am sure it will bring peace and prosperity to the region!

I am told, I am too much of an optimist when I say that peace can uproot violence. But well, I hope to see one day – Pakistan and India reject the US offer of F-16s and other war machinery, from any other nations also – just because the people in both countries have confidence in each other. Surely none of these countries have a stake in getting peace in the region; they will be happy as long as hostilities continue, they get money! Yada yada about Pakistan is not the target for India to build military might etc; we are nowhere close to China either and that would require more than 50% of our population below poverty line.

Anyway, the discussions can go on. But kudos to the passengers who braved the terrorist threats and crossed the LoC! I wish I could be on one of the buses sometime!

February 14, 2005

Season for non-violence

Intro here
64 days, 64 ways of non-violence – at least it is a start! The spirit and the ways should continue all through the year:)

And finally, what sparun has been doing about Season for Non-Violence. Well he is leading the efforts in JHU, addressing a very tough local problem. Read more here.

On popular demand, he has decided to highlight one way (out of the 64 ways of non-violence), daily.

Simply, being opposed to the very idea of non-vioence, is in itself a violent thought:) But why are the ways tough? Or am I making some of them more profound than they ought to be?

Today’s suggested way: GRATITUDE
Begin the day by listing 5 things for which you are grateful and end it by sharing with one person all of the good things that happened to you today.

September 21, 2004

A steal!

The Harmon Kardon DPR 1001– for $313 – a steal!
Save $1200:)

Fundoo reciever, get good speakers – you have awesome music!

August 31, 2004


First look: The new iMac G5!

Just a flat panel computer – no tower, no cube, nothing more!!!
specs here

Anyone willing to gift me …. write to me at ipodster at gmail dot com!

Please, please …. my bday is also coming !

August 18, 2004


Help me please!
I want to make this a three column blog. I hate two columns:)
Reminds me of journal papers etc…..ironically they also call blogs web-journals. I have seen a couple of links….if someone has handled it earlier…..why take the pain:)

July 9, 2004

Huge list …. beware!

Any 1GB+ MP3 player ( I have no clue what I will do with so much music which takes a life time to listen!).

Hmmm I seem to have forgotten the rest. Check back later!

May 18, 2004

I wish…

Seriously …. putting this on this category?
Well yeah!
I wish I could meet a few of my friends. Long time I met some of them.
Just got off the phone with Anirudh Ralli …. aka Dhile …. met him last four years back. Have chatted on phone, on email. Nothing like sitting together and drinking coffee or tea and chatting.

Seriously hence I wish …. I could go to India and spend some good time with old friends. Long time, I have been in India, I will be there….sometime …. soon!

March 2, 2004

Something one can build at home!

This, I think can be built at home. Or at least we have been trying to build one at home. Simple – but require a few $$ to beef up the video card and a TV card for the existing home computer. Dont worry, it is far cheaper than $800 – after all you are not buying an entirely new PC! Would love to see Intel’s flat screen TVs!