Water, I assume is a fundamental right, right? Afterall a good percentage of our body is made of water. Without water, I guess we cant survive. Water is fundamental to human life and hence I will say that water is a fundamental right. Agreed?

In other news, got a P4 extreme edition 965, 3.73 GHz, hyper threading, dual core …etc etc. Would love to see system monitor and see how that behaves. But, but – had to build up the system myself. And then the fun part starts. Yeah, it is a room heater – 4 fans etc and all. But then, I bought a motherboard which doesnt have a video card on! OOPS! System is ready but dont know if it boots up either.

Coming soon, Ubuntu server on it.
Back to sweet water. If water is a fundamental human right….why is not guaranteed in any constitution?

One Comment to “Water…!”

  1. Water may be a fundamental right, but is purified water a fundamental right? Why should someone slog to purify water only to give it away to someone else simply because it is a “fundamental right?”

    In fact I am not even sure why should something so essential be a fundamental right… It is a fundamental necesity, so everyone should be willing to put solid effort to get it…

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